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红色箭头.PNG Overview

Company name: Genlitec (Fuzhou) Power Equipment Co., Ltd.ABOUT USSSS.jpg

Value: Power Anywhere Anytime

Business type: Power equipment manufacturer and service provider

Founded: 2010 year

Products range: Engines, Generators, Water Pumps, Mobile Lighting Towers,  Mini Construction Machines

Website: http://www.genlitec.com  http://www.genlitecpower.com

E-mail: marketing@genlitec.com

红色箭头.PNG Professional team

OUR TEAM.jpgGenlitec Power technicians and engineers are hard-working and serious with their work. Compliance, standard and process are fundamentals of our high quality products.

Members of our products development team are rich in professional skills and familiar with products. With the help of advanced development tools and management platforms, we will always be ready to provide best service to all our customs.

红色箭头.PNG Warranty

WARRANTY.jpgLength of warranty period: Genlitec Power provides limited warranty for all products.

Small power equipment with 1 year or 12 months parts warranty and heavy-duty machines with 18 months parts warranty after date of sale. 

Solutions: Replaced genuine spare parts will be sent by air with free of cost at customers end.

After Sales Service: Online technical support provides video training for product installation, replacement of parts, as well as operation and maintenance guidance;

In addition, regular maintenance and repair is beneficial to preventing all the parts from early tear and wear.

Note: Quick-wear parts, fast consuming parts and any mistakes that arise from man-made faulty operations, negligent maintenance and inability to operate and maintain conformity with operation and maintenance instructions, are not covered within the warranty coverage.